Private VR Events

Let Adventures with VR provide the most exciting, innovative technological experience for your next private event! Create unforgettable memories with a Virtual Reality Event from Adventures with VR!

virtual reality  RECOMMENDED VR KIT:  HTC Vive – Standing Events | Oculus Rift – Seated Events/Gaming

Adventures in VR is offering Virtual Reality Events for anyone interested in exciting, cutting edge technology. These unforgettable events will allow your friends, family and neighbors to be fully immersed in realistic three-dimensional interactive environments where they will encounter a different array of Virtual Reality experiences. Let our AVR Event Coordinators take your private events to the next level! Let us create an experience that your friends will never forget!

Here are some party events that are perfect for VR!

  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Reunions
  • Gaming Parties
  • Holiday Parties

In addition to VR experiences and applications, AVR provides full gaming in Virtual Reality!

Due to safety and liability constraints, all private VR events must be held in commercial locations and not private residences. AVR reserves the right to cancel any online scheduling requests that are requested by customers.


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