VR Haptic Racing Available at AVR!

Learn More About our VR Racing Simulator.

Haptic VR Racing Simulators Available for any AVR Event!

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Learn More About the our Haptic VR Racing Simulator.

Simulator Specifications

VR Equipment Required with Racing Simulator
Oculus Rift

Field Of View:
360 degrees

Racing Software:
Project Cars

The Haptic VR Racing Simulator

Strap yourself into one of our Haptic VR Racing Simulators and experience what it is like to be fully immersed in a high performance racing vehicle on a myriad of different racetracks throughout the world! Change driving and weather conditions and race for the best time among your friends and coworkers!

  • The Haptic VR Racing Simulator is paired with an Oculus Rift VR Headset.
  • View the race through a separate and included HD Monitor. Join in the fun and watch the action on a high resolution HD Monitor!
  • The Haptic VR Racing Simulator simulates the vibration and feel of a race car through its haptic steering system.