School | Educational Facility VR Events

It’s all about the kids! Let Adventures with VR provide the most exciting, innovative technological experience for your next school event! Create unforgettable memories with a Virtual Reality Event from Adventures with VR!

virtual reality  RECOMMENDED VR KIT:  HTC Vive

Adventures with VR is offering Virtual Reality Events for any school | educational facility interested in cutting edge technological experiences. These exciting events will allow your students and educators to be fully immersed in realistic three-dimensional interactive environments where they will encounter a different array of Virtual Reality experiences. Let our AVR Event Coordinators take your classroom events to the next level! Let us create an experience that your students and teachers will never forget!

Here are some VR educational examples that are perfect for VR!

  • Draw in a 3d environment with TiltBrush!
  • Explore the ocean with TheBlu!
  • Couple tinker toys with Newtonian physics and create with Fantastic Contraption!
  • Fly with the Blue Angels  or experience a myriad of other educational experiences in VR!

Kids love VR! VR assists in the learning process.

  • Active rather than passive experience
  • Immersive experience means no distractions
  • Immediate engagement: useful in today’s world of limited attention spans.
  • Exploration and hands on approach aids with learning and retention.
  • Helps with understanding complex subjects/theories/concepts
  • Suited to all types of learning styles, e.g. visual

Watch Tilt Brush and be amazed! Let your children’s imagination go wild!