Senior Facility VR Events

Let Adventures with VR provide the most exciting, innovative technological experience for your next senior event! Create unforgettable memories with a Virtual Reality Event from Adventures with VR!

virtual reality  RECOMMENDED VR KIT: HTC Vive – Seated |  Oculus Rift – Seated

Adventures in VR is introducing Virtual Reality Experiences for senior living facilities! These VR events will allow seniors to be fully immersed in realistic three-dimensional environments where they can experience and enjoy entertaining, wondrous and relaxing content. Let our AVR Event Coordinators take your senior events to the next level! Let us create an experience that your seniors and your staff will never forget!

Here are some examples of VR Experiences your seniors may enjoy!

  • Scuba Diving in VR
  • Exploring the Grand Canyon in VR
  • Flying with the Blue Angels in VR
  • Experiencing the Circle of Life from the Lion King on Broadway
  • Skydiving and wingsuit gliding in VR
  • Be surrounded by elephants on the plains of Africa in VR
  • Over 40+ additional experiences with more being added weekly!

All senior VR events include a relaxing and reclining padded chair for seniors so that they may remain comfortably seated throughout their entire VR experience. Travel the world from the safety and security of your senior facility!

Now Experience this Broadway Number in VR!