Tradeshow VR Events

Let Adventures with VR provide the most exciting, innovative technological experience for your next tradeshow! Virtual Reality integration is an incredible way to draw customers to your booth!

virtual reality  RECOMMENDED VR KIT:  Oculus Rift – Seated

Adventures with VR is offering Virtual Reality Events for any business interested in cutting edge tradeshow technology. Imagine being the first on the block to offer virtual reality in your booth! These exciting events will allow your visitors to be fully immersed in realistic three-dimensional interactive environments where they will encounter a different array of Virtual Reality experiences. Let our AVR Event Coordinators take your trade show to the next level! Let us create an experience that your visitors will never forget!

Did you know that soon we will be offering VR video production? Let us film your product, service or location and allow your tradeshow visitors to experience your message in a fully immersive visual medium! Do you work for a resort? A residential or commercial real estate agency? Automobile or motorcycle company? If you have an idea or project for us, contact us for more details!

Did you know that AVR is owned by Jade Marketing and Technology Corporation? If your company trade show booth needs to be integrated with our VR experiences and equipment, let Jade Marketing and Technology create customized signage and trade show materials for your next event!