Welcome to the AVR Time Capsule where we can capture anything you’d like to revisit in the future in full 3 dimensional, fully immersive virtual reality! All video is shot in stunning 4K and can be saved, streamed and shared with your friends and family members. View these videos on your computer screen, devices or in full 3D immersion using any VR headset.

  • Allow AVR to capture your loved ones in fully immersive 4K, 3D Virtual Reality!
  • Feel as if you’re in the room or space with anyone being recorded!
  • AVR can provide your video through their Pro Vimeo Account by streaming or downloading, or downloaded to a micro SD card for use in your computer, device or VR headset.
  • All video is shot in 4K. So for best quality playback, download the 4k video directly to your computer or VR Device. In the future as VR hardware improves, and if streaming, internet speeds improve, your video quality will only improve as well!
  • Perfectly capture your loved ones in time. Record a message to those in the future, document stories or create a permanent memory with an elderly loved one. Do you know a war vet and want to document their story? Do you want to know how your grandparents met? Do you have a child or grandchild who is quickly growing and you want to capture them as they were? Do you want to allow future generations to see in full immersion what their grandparents were like?

Please contact us for details and pricing. AVR will come to you!