AVR Testimonials

Thank you to all the Minnesota customers of Adventures with VR that have provided us valuable critiques and wonderfully complimentary testimonials! We value and appreciate all of your comments and suggestions! We look forward to seeing you again at your next exciting MN Adventures with VR Virtual Reality Event!

Andrew DeLeon of Adventures with VR recently brought his traveling virtual world to our center for our pre-kindergarten students and staff and the experience was out of this world. Each child was able to go deep sea diving and create and walk through their own masterpiece in the paint program. All of the equipment was state of the art, easy to use and comfortable for each participant. Our staff enjoyed swimming with jelly fish, skydiving and floating in outer space. The options were endless and Andrew was very helpful, informative and considerate of the excitement or hesitation each child expressed. We highly recommend this as a field trip and for all ages!
Annette Cliff
Director - New Horizons Academy

After only a few minutes, I found myself crawling on the ocean floor looking at sea life. Totally blown away with the AVR experience. Can’t want to do it again!
Steve Myhre
Owner - Nortec Communications, Inc.

I got to take a trip to the moon in a Saturn V rocket and drive in an F1 race. Amazing. You are so immersed you have no clue you are in a chair with all your friends watching you.
Mike Bergstein
Plaza Dental - PA, Owner