Virtuix Omnis Available with AVR Events!

Learn More About the Omni

Introducing the Omni.

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Learn More About the Omni.

Omni Specifications

VR Equipment Required with Omni
HTC Vive

Weight Maximum:
285 lbs.

Height Restrictions:
4’9″ – 6’4″

Unisex Shoe Sizes Available (OMNI SHOES REQUIRED):
Mens sizes 6 – 12
Women’s 7-14

Software Available:

Waist size restriction for harness:
24″ – 44″

Field Of View:
360 degrees

Available Software:
OMNI ARENA:  Survive waves of robots by shooting the attackers before they destroy the various Power Cores in the Arena. The game includes both single and multiplayer gameplay.

TRAVR: TRAINING OPS:  Compete for the highest score in 10 obstacle-course levels by shooting targets and establishing a record time. Each level has its own leaderboard.

TRAVR: SHADOW OPS: Work your way through a dark underground laboratory and shoot zombies as a TRAVR secret agent in this linear first-person shooter horror experience.

The Omni Motion Platform

AVR is the first VR company in Minnesota to offer the Omni Motion Platform. This cutting edge VR motion technology brings VR alive and allows you to walk, run and effortlessly move through your VR games.

  • The Omni is paired with Omni footwear sizes 5 – 12 (ladies 6 – 14) which allows you to easily navigate through your VR experience. This reduces the feeling of nauseousness that a small group experience with virtual reality.
  • The ability to have freedom of movement in a virtual gaming area.
  • The Omni includes footwear, sensor pods and a harness. Paired with HTC Vive headsets and controllers, the system enhances your VR experience and truly makes you feel part of the game.